Area Information

About Consul / Cypress Lake / RM of Reno 51, Saskatchewan

Cypress Lake, SK (property is located 3/4 mile from the lake)
-Recreation use for boating, fishing and camping (no power/water). There is a brand new boat launch and 2 docks.


Consul, SK (property is 11 miles from Consul)
-K to 12 school
-brand new Co-op gas station/grocery store
-skating/curling rink
-car wash
-motor vehicle licensing
-ice cream shop
-Chinook library
-hair salon
-various clubs and other businesses

For information about the village of Consul go to


Cypress Hills, SK (property is 30 minutes from Cypress Hills)

Cypress Hills, SK

-Camping, hiking, outdoor swimming pool, paddle boating, golf course, horse riding, star gazing, cafe, ice cream store general store and many other activities. For more information visit

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